The Role Good Health Plays In A Happy Retirement

You’ve spent decades saving and planning for your dream retirement. Now that you’re there, you want to make sure you can really enjoy it. Today, we are going to talk about a vital component of your retirement wellbeing: your health.

Health is a subject we see discussed all the time. Every day it seems there is a new diet, workout regime, or supplement plan to transform your health and lead to a better life. While exercise fads and hot diets aren’t sustainable, they do touch on the crucial role that health plays in a well-balanced life.

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Your health isn’t just reserved for your younger years, maintaining your health in retirement will help promote a strong and more fulfilling lifestyle. Let’s take a look at the role health plays in retirement.

Why Physical Health Matters

When you think about health, many people start with physical health. Staying active and eating healthy doesn’t have to be like muscle-bound folks throwing tires around in a loft-like gym. Physical health is about strengthening your body, improving balance, and enhancing your immune system to prevent common diseases.

For retirees, a consistent exercise routine is linked to a decreased risk of common health ailments like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer. These health problems not only make your life more difficult, but also end up costing you a lot more in medical fees, doctor’s visits, medication, physical therapy, and surgeries.

According to the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falls are the leading cause of fatal injuries and hospitalizations among those 65 and older. In addition to physical pain, these falls are quite costly with total spending projected to reach nearly 68 billion dollars in 2020. Piled with debt and recovery, many seniors recovering from falls see a decline in their mental health as well as further isolation from their community and regular routine.

As you can see, maintaining proper physical health in retirement can not only improve your daily life but also save you thousands on medical costs. Another way supporting health boosts your retirement income is through Social Security. For married couples, when both spouses are healthy and live a long life they are able to take advantage of a combined financial benefit of dual social security incomes and lower federal tax rates.