Who We Serve

How Do I Know If I'm a Good Fit?

We provide the best advice when we serve clients with similar characteristics. Our typical clients are:

Individuals age 50 plus who are within 10 years of retirement or currently retired.

Disciplined savers who have built a retirement "nest egg" that exceeds $1 million or more.

People who prefer to delegate retirement planning and investment management responsibilities to an expert so they can spend time enjoying life.

Nearing Retirement


How many times in life have you said "I can't wait to retire?" But for most of us, when we think about transitioning to the next chapter of our life, suddenly we've got some real questions that make us a bit uneasy like...When can I retire? How will I pay for healthcare costs? When should I start social security? How can I create the income I need from my portfolio? 

We can help because we've helped hundreds of people like you transition to and through retirement. We start with a conversation about your goals for retirement. Once we clarify your financial picture, together we'll setup actionable steps to turn your financial resources into income that can fund the lifestyle you want. 

A Covenant Wealth Advisors plan creates the clarity and insights you need to retire with confidence.

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Nothing is harder than losing a loved one. Not only have you lost the person you love, but your children have lost their father or mother.

It can feel like the whole world is staring at you and people rarely seem to say the right thing. 


But, you know you want and deserve financial security so you can maintain your lifestyle. But how do you do it? 


At Covenant Wealth Advisors, we can help you get organized and create a plan that gives you the clarity and peace of mind you need, so you can move forward with life.

You Have Significant Assets

Ralph and his wife Susan have savings and investments in excess of $1 million.

Ralph currently manages the family finances but worries about what would happen to Susan's financial security if something were to happen to him. 

They want to simplify life and work with a financial advisor to make sure he and Susan will be okay regardless of what the future might bring.

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Financial Planning for Doctors


John and Susan are 58 and 56 respectively. John is a radiologist in Richmond, VA who works long hours and never seems to have enough time.


John loves his job but he worries about burnout and is unsure if he is taking advantage of all the strategies available to help protect and grow his wealth for retirement.


They hired Covenant Wealth Advisors because of our team's experience working with doctors, our comprehensive approach to financial planning, and focus on high income tax strategies.

Christian Families


John and his wife Mary are devout Christians. Like many families, they are busy with their life and career, but they are also committed to God's wisdom and guidance.


They want to partner with an advisor who shares similar values and who can serve as a trusted steward for smart financial decisions.

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