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Wealth management richmond va

Investment Management

Get personalized investment advice and management to help you grow, preserve, and utilize your wealth.

Get Turn-Key Investment Management Designed to Help You Grow, Preserve, and Enjoy Your Wealth 

Custom portfolios that are low-cost, tax-efficient, and managed toward your personal goals and preference for risk. 

Are you concerned about preserving your wealth in retirement or losing money during a stock market downturn?


Did you know that the average stock mutual fund investor under-performed the S & P 500 index by 4.86% per year over the five year period ending in 2017? Even worse, during the same period, the average fixed income investor actually received a negative return, even though bond market returns were positive for the period.

What investment returns do you need to make your money last in retirement? If you don't know, you should. 

But, investing for retirement isn't just about getting the returns you need. It's also about managing risk, creating sustainable income, reducing taxes, and protecting your wealth.


After all, no one wants to experience a significant investment loss in a market downturn, run out of income, or pay more money to Uncle Sam than necessary.

Wealth management clients at Covenant Wealth Advisors receive ongoing advice and management to improve expected returns, reduce risk, and fund the lifestyle they desire. 

Personalized investment management richmond va
Personalized investment management richmond va

Learn About Our Investment Principles

Why Investment Management?


I want to avoid significant losses during a market downturn.

The thought of experiencing a significant investment loss during a market downturn can be worrisome. The S & P 500 (a popular stock market index) fell by 56.4% during the 2008 market crash. For investors nearing retirement, this type of loss can spell disaster. We'll design and manage a portfolio that is personalized for your risk tolerance to help you sleep more soundly. 

I'm tired of managing my investments. I'd rather have a relationship with an expert who can do it for me.

Your life is busy and you realize that you can't be an expert in all things. Getting a relationship with a financial advisor you trust may help reduce financial anxiety, remove emotion from investment decisions, and give you more time to focus on the things you enjoy. 

I'm concerned about what will happen to my spouse after I'm gone.

You may have managed your own investments your entire life. But, that doesn't mean your spouse  or children have the same expertise or interest in taking over that role. Getting expert investment advice and management from a financial advisor can be a great way to maintain control of your finances, while creating the peace of mind you want in the event something happens to you.

I want to create sustainable income in retirement.

Are you concerned about creating income from your portfolio in retirement? Creating a sustainable "paycheck" in retirement isn't easy, but we're experts in turning your portfolio into an income machine.

I want to implement the right mix of investments for my retirement goals.

How you invest for retirement is very different than how you invested in your early years. We'll design a personalized investment plan that takes into account your entire financial life and your retirement goals. As a result, your investments will be optimized specifically for your needs now and in retirement.

I want better investment returns.

Based on a recent study from Vanguard, working with an investment advisor may improve your overall returns by 3% or more. We'll help calculate the return you need to achieve to accomplish your goals; then, we'll help design and implement a personalized investment plan to give you the best chance of achieving that return.  ​

I want to reduce the amount of taxes I pay on my portfolio earnings.

With a thoughtful tax strategy, we can create a tax-managed portfolio aimed at reducing your tax bill both now and in the future. We will even analyze your tax filings to find out if your current portfolio is generating unnecessary taxes, a common mistake we notice on portfolios sometimes managed at major Wall Street firms.

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Financial Advisor Richmond Va

A More Secure Retirement Is Ready For You - Are You?

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