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Are you over age 50 and have $1,000,000+ in retirement savings and ivnestments? See exactly what we'd do, how much we'd charge, and the strategies we use most to help you retire comfortably.


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Powerful, right? You should get one for yourself so you can have the best retirement plan possible.

What's In Your Retirement Plan?

If retirement plans were Halloween candy, other financial advisors give out toothbrushes while we give out full-sized chocolate bars.

Powerful Strategies & Tactics

Learn the same strategies we us for hundreds of clients served. we understand what works.


Prioritize Your Goals

We'll discuss and document your goals, priorities and concerns.


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Get intelligent answers to your most important retirement questions.

Investment Strategies

Learn about the top strategies used to invest for retirement.


Tax Strategies

Find out how to reduce taxes and make smarter tax decisions in retirement.

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What Do Current and Former Clients Have to Say About Covenant Wealth Advisors?

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We Know What To Do Today,
We Know What To Do Tomorrow

At the same time we're working toward your immediate goals, we're planning the next steps to keep you financially confident and secure. 

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*The Free Retirement Plan is limited only to individuals aged 50 plus who have over $1,000,000 in combined investment accounts (Savings, 401 (k), IRAs, etc...) or individuals aged 40 plus who have over $500,000 in combined investment accounts. Your information is confidential and is only used for purposes of your plan. We never share your information with anyone outside of Covenant Wealth Advisors. 

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