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Estate Planning

Create a legacy, give to others, and ensure that your wealth continues beyond your life.

Get objective estate planning advice to ensure your estate transitions the way you intend

Our financial planning services fully integrate estate planning as part of your overall wealth management plan.

Properly Title Assets for Beneficiaries

This is an area that’s often overlooked when an estate plan is drafted. There are 5 types of beneficiary designations and we can help you make the best decision.

Maximize Your Charitable Giving

If you are charitably minded, giving can be a great strategy to reduce the size of your estate. But there are many strategies to maximize your gifts and reduce your taxes. We can help.

Reduce Probate Expenses

Estate planning can provide an objective lens on how to reduce probate expenses. 

Get Your Estate in Order

We'll help make sure your estate transitions to heirs the way you intend by collaborating with your estate planning attorney or one of ours.

Assets in Other States

Trusts are valid under state law and not federal law, assets held in other states may not pass correctly to your heirs. We can help identify issues and provide advice on how to fix it.

Partner with Your Estate Attorney

Often times individuals draft a will or trust with their attorney but never actually title their assets properly. This can be a costly mistake. We'll collaborate with your attorney to ensure your assets transition correctly.

Estate Planning Can Help You Answer Many Questions

  • Are my account beneficiary designations correct?

  • Do I need to update my will? 

  • Do I need a trust? 

  • How can I minimize estate taxes?

  • How can I ensure my spouse will be financially okay after I die? 

  • What's the best way to gift during my lifetime?

  • How can I maximize my charitable donations? 

  • How can I make sure my children don't spend their inheritance too quickly? 

If you’re looking to properly align your investment assets with your estate planning goals in Williamsburg, Richmond, or Glen Allen, VA, we can help.

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