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Looking for a financial advisor and planner to help? Let our award winning, fiduciary and fee-only financial advisors help you plan for retirement, manage your investments, and enjoy life without the stress of money.

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Are you concerned about retirement?


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Enjoy a Relationship with a Fee-Only Financial Advisor Who Specializes in Helping You Retire

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Traveling. Giving to others. Spending time with family. Volunteering. Enjoying life without the stress of money. All of these may be important to you. But, it's no longer enough to simply have enough money to retire. 

Basing your financial decisions on the most recent headlines doesn't work, nor does taking advice from your friend or co-worker. Personalized advice based upon your specific life goals, tax, and financial situation should be the foundation for a successful retirement plan.

Fully integrated financial planning, investment management, and tax planning is at the heart of Covenant Wealth Advisors.

Get the the advice you need to retire with less anxiety.


  • Analyze cash flows in retirement

  • Social security timing strategies

  • Pension decisions and more

Investment management to help bring peace of mind to your investment decisions.


  • Align your money with your life

  • Reduce unnecessary risks

  • Create retirement cash flow

Fully integrated tax planning to help you keep more in retirement.


  • Reduce your taxes

  • Create tax free income

  • Avoid costly tax traps

What Makes Our Fiduciary, Fee-Only Financial Planners Different?

Founded in 2010, Covenant Wealth Advisors is an award winning*, fee-only financial advisor serving individuals and families in Richmond, Virginia, Williamsburg, Virginia and virtually across the United States.  We specialize in retirement income planning and investment management for individuals age 50 plus. Enjoy a meaningful relationship with a fee-only and fiduciary financial advisor.


Fiduciary Financial Advisors required by law to always put your best interests first. 



Our fee-only financial advisors never earn hidden fees or commissions


Your team will include a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) professional, a CPA, and a client service manager

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Average Years of Experience Per Advisor

Family getting great service

50 to 1

or Better Client to Advisor Ratio

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 Client retention rate

*2021 Client Retention

See How Covenant Wealth Advisors Can Help You


With advice and guidance to make your retirement more achievable, getting started with a fiduciary financial advisor and fee-only financial planner has never been easier. 

Katherine Fonville, financial advisor in Richmond and Williamsburg VA.

Katherine Fonville

Founder and Fee-Only Financial Advisor

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