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What Issues Should I Consider Before I Retire?

A Retirement Checklist to Help You Identify Key Opportunities, Costly Mistakes and Red Flags Before You Retire

By completing this checklist, you will:

Identify cash-flow issues to consider as you plan for retirement.

Learn about key health insurance considerations and issues.

Understand powerful asset & debt issues that may impact your retirement.

Better understand long-term planning issues for your beneficiaries.

Better understand tax planning issues to consider.

Identify other issues you need to consider.

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With retirement being the #1 financial concern for individuals and families, understanding obstacles in retirement has become an essential step in planning for your next 30 years.


In fact, individuals with a plan are twice as likely to reach their goals than those who don't plan, according to Boston consulting group.

Strong pensions are becoming harder to find at U.S. employers. But, even if you have a pension, the rising costs of healthcare makes it imperative that you understand all of the considerations necessary for a comfortable retirement. 

What Will You Learn in This Checklist?

This checklist covers six key categories every retiree should think about before retiring. You'll receive clear action items to consider in each category to help you avoid money mistakes and take advantage of opportunities to make your money last.

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