Important Issues Every Retirement Savvy Investor Should Know [New for 2021]


Understanding cash-flow issues, health insurance expenses, tax consideration and other financial facts are crucial for families who want financial security. But, staying up to date and informed on changing financial information can be overwhelming. 

retirement checklist 2021.PNG
retirement checklist 2021.PNG

This FREE spreadsheet highlights multiple cash flow, savings, and investment related information updated for 2021.

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You'll learn all about: 

Identify cash-flow issues to consider as your plan for retirement.

Learn about key health insurance considerations and issues. 

Understand powerful asset & debt issues that may impact your retirement.

Better understand long-term planning issues for your beneficiaries.

Uncover tax planning issues to help reduce taxes. 

Identify hidden obstacles you never would think about. 

cash flow
cash flow

health insurance
health insurance

cash flow
cash flow


32 of the most important planning issues.

Tested with experience.

With retirement being the #1 financial concern for individuals and families, understanding obstacles in retirement has become an essential step in planning for your next 30 years. 

In fact, individuals with a plan are twice as likely to reach their goals than those who don't plan, according to Boston consulting group. 

Strong pensions are becoming harder to find at U.S. employers. But, even  if you have a pension, the rising costs of healthcare makes it imperative that you understand all of the the considerations necessary for a comfortable retirement. 

This checklist covers six key categories every pre-retiree and retiree should think about before retiring. You'll receive clear action items to consider in each category to help you avoid big money mistakes and take advantage of opportunities to make your money last.

The Ultimate Retirement Checklist

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