How To Have Fun In Virginia This Summer While Social Distancing

How to Have Fun in Virginia This Summer While Social Distancing

The long, hot days of summer are now upon us. But the summer of 2020 won’t look the same as many that came before it.

Kids won’t be off to summer camp cramped in twin bunk beds, learning how to start a fire or smuggle candy in the cabin after hours. People won’t line the streets watching parades, stand in line for carnival games, or marvel at a firework show.

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Instead, the limited number of people who are out on the street will be wearing masks and standing six-feet apart. The impact of the coronavirus has left its mark on nearly every activity and social gathering we have.

But that doesn’t mean summer is canceled.

There are still plenty of ways to have fun in Richmond this summer while staying safe and not breaking the bank. Ready for some summer saving activities? Let’s take a look.

Beach days

Summer is often synonymous with swimming, and current research from the CDC doesn’t suggest that COVID-19 spreads through water. So beach days and pool parties may still keep their slots on your summer agenda.

Keep in mind that while the virus isn’t shown to spread in water, it does spread person to person which makes it important to maintain social distancing at the beach, pool decks, and more. It is best to limit contact with people you don’t live with, so sharing beach toys for the kids or inflatable rafts with neighbors or fellow beachgoers isn’t your best bet.

Virginia beach is open for visitors! You can pack up the car and head out for a nice beach day, but try to get there early as parking is at a limited, 50% capacity. The beach also requires you to maintain social distancing and refrain from group sports like volleyball and frisbee.

Remember to bring your mask, because face coverings are required in all enclosed public spaces including restrooms and restaurants. Visitor centers are still closed for the time being.