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  • Katherine Fonville

Can a Financial Advisor Help With Estate Planning?

Can your financial advisor help with your estate plan?

Estate planning may conjure images of a lawyer's office and mountains of paperwork.

While your estate planning attorney is an essential professional, your financial advisor can also play a significant role in helping you create an estate plan that truly reflects your resources, goals, values, and legacy.

The estate planning process comes with many moving pieces: legal liabilities, tax considerations, and financial elements.

This makes it essential that you, your advisor, attorney, and tax professional are all on the same page. Coordination in estate planning is key!

Your financial advisor should play a central role in crafting your estate plan. They can help you understand your financial goals and wishes and empower you to build a plan that lets your legacy shine.

Today, we’ll explore five essential ways your financial planner can help you with your estate plan.