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  • Mark Fonville, CFP

Is a Rollover IRA at Fidelity Right for You?

Is a Rollover IRA at Fidelity Right for You?

Maybe you've got an old 401(k) (or two) and have no idea what to do with it.

Instead of leaving it sitting in your old employer's account gathering dust, you may consider rolling it over to an IRA account at Fidelity.

When it comes to rollovers, perhaps the most crucial decision you have to make is where to invest your money.

Your investments are an integral component of your retirement plan, after all. You can do your rollover at almost any bank or brokerage firm, but the proper financial custodian can make or break your experience.

As a registered investment advisor, we have the flexibility to use the best custodians for our clients. We often use Fidelity and have been very happy with the platform and quality of service our clients receive.

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With so many options, is a Rollover IRA at Fidelity right for you?

What's A Rollover IRA?