Financial Advice for Independent Women

Whether you are single, widowed, or divorced, we can help you take control of your financial life to give you more financial freedom in life.

Financial Planning and Advice for Independent Women


Being on your own isn't easy.


The majority of our female clients overwhelmingly believe that achieving financial peace of mind is a driving factor when they think about money.


They see their investments as a way to protect and support their family and, as a result, they look for advisors who will listen to their concerns.


They are deliberative and collaborative in making their decisions. Just as important, they value good communication and service, focusing more on finding a partner they can trust rather than on obtaining short-term results.

The women we work with typically face a number of challenges including:

  • Saving for retirement

  • Juggling work and family responsibilities

  • Caring for immediate family

  • Caring for an elderly parent or relative

  • Our female clients want a financial advisor who will:

  • Provide clear, timely, and simple to understand communication.

  • Educate them about financial planning and investments in an effort to achieve financial peace of mind.

  • Create a financial plan to protect themselves against the unexpected, as opposed to simply growing assets.

  • Establish a backup plan in case of unexpected emergencies such as a health crisis, sudden death of a family member or a big market upheaval.

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