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Get the financial advice you need to take control of your finances, get organized, and get your financial security back.

Guidance and advice to help you take control of your life and finances.

Losing your spouse is the #1 financial stress in life. When it happens, life becomes and feels more unstable. You may feel like you're forgetting things, losing control, and lack organization. When your life partner dies, there are dozens of questions that will cross your mind. We help help you get organized, create a plan for your future, and bring confidence and clarity back to your life.

Key Concerns of the Women We Serve

Click on a Key Concern below to find out how a relationship with a financial planner can help you.

Our Solution:

We’ll work with you to get your finances organized and explain your current financial situation. We’ll meet to discuss your goals and desires so we can craft a plan you understand.

Key Concern:

My spouse took care of our finances and now I feel lost. How can I maintain financial security going forward?

Our Solution:

We'll help you analyze your income sources and expenses and design an income plan to help support your lifestyle so you don't have to worry.

Key Concern:

How can I maintain my lifestyle now that I'm on my own? 

Our Solution:

There are lots of steps involved with estate settlement. But, we'll help you clear through the complexity and help you make smart decisions with your financials.

Key Concern:

The estate settlement is so overwhelming. What do I need to do to settle the estate and get organized?

Our Solution:

We'll help you clarify your expenses and income sources (like social security and your portfolio). Then we'll help position your finances so your money lasts as long as you do.

Key Concern:

How can I avoid running out of money due to my new financial situation?

Our Solution:

We'll calculate the cost of healthcare expenses and identify strategies to ensure you'll have the proper care when you need it most.

Key Concern:

How can I ensure that I'll be able to afford healthcare as I age?

Our Solution:

We'll analyze your savings and investments and develop a plan to preserve your money and create an income stream if you need it. 

Key Concern:

How can I make my investments work for me in a way that helps me sustain my lifestyle? 

Financial Planning Resources for Widows


Losing a loved one can create more questions than answers. Here are free resources to help you get organized and get answers. 

Key Issues to Consider After Your Spouse Passes

This checklist covers 29 of the most important planning issues to identify and consider when your spouse passes away.

Key Documents To Keep on File

It can be confusing to know what documents to keep and throw away. This tool will help you know what to keep.

Issues to Consider Before Closing Estate

Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.

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