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Adam Smith, CFP®

Financial Advisor

Adam Smith Financial Advisor Reston VA

Professional Background of Adam Smith


Adam is a financial advisor and planner in Reston, VA and became a part of the Covenant Wealth Advisors team in 2023. This relationship follows a 17+ year career at Acorn Financial Services and Dominion Wealth Management. During his time at Acorn and Dominion, he delved deeply into investment research and portfolio development, while also playing a significant role in various aspects of the business operations.


Adam brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective that sets him apart from his contemporaries. 

He understands how to properly integrate all aspects of an individual's financial life, be it tax, investments, retirement income planning, estate planning, insurance, and more.


In this vein, Adam enjoys the Covenant Wealth Advisors' approach to a team based approach to helping clients live their best life to and through retirement.  

Education and Memberships


Personal and Family

Adam is a 2006 graduate of Virginia Tech. He currently resides in Vienna, VA with his wife, Rachel, and their two children.

What is the best advice you have ever received? Stick with a job or task no matter how hard it gets, as a long as you are learning new things.


What is your favorite quote and why? “Remember who you thought you were.” Priorities and goals change. It can be informative to periodically reexamine how they’ve changed and why. What did I get right? What did I get wrong? And how can I use that information to improve?


What is your personal philosophy? Do it yourself. Play some music, build a bookshelf, brew your own beer, change your own oil, make your own recipes, learn to program something, plant a garden, start a business. If other people can do it, how hard can it really be?


When you are not at the office, you can often be found doing what? Catching up on a dizzying list of home renovation projects.


My dream vacation is: anything that involves family, friends, and an unobscured view of the ocean.


A Better Retirement Is Ready For You - Are You? 

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