Nearing Retirement

Get the advice you need to retire with confidence.

Financial Planning for Pre-Retirees


Robert and Rebecca are two years from retirement. Their children are now out of the house and they are excited about retirement. 


They have $1.8 million in retirement savings and investments but worry about whether they have enough money to retire. 

Robert has managed the finances for the family. But he now wants expert financial advice and a relationship with an advisor he can trust. Equally as important, he wants Rebecca to have a trusted advisor in the event something happens to him.

How We Can Help


  • When will I be able to retire? 

  • What will my cashflows look like? 

  • Do Roth conversions make sense for us? 

  • How should I draw down my assets in retirement? 

  • How can I maximize my income?

  • Can I maintain my lifestyle in retirement including travel and the new patio?

  • How do I tie my investment portfolio to my goals in retirement?

  • What is the best strategy for taking social security?

  • How can I simplify my finances?

  • How can I maximize my employer benefits?

  • How can I reduce risk in my portfolio? 

  • How much will healthcare cost and can I afford it? 



A More Secure Retirement Is Ready For You - Are You?