Nearing Retirement

Get the advice you need to retire with confidence.

Nearing Retirement

Robert and Rebecca are 5 years from retirement. Their children are now out of the house and they are excited about retirement. 


They have $1.6 million in savings but worry about whether they have enough money to retire. 

Rob has managed the finances for the family. But he now wants expert financial advice and a relationship with an advisor he can trust. 

Key Questions and Concerns:

  • How can I create sustainable income in retirement?

  • Can I maintain my lifestyle in retirement?

  • How do I tie my investment portfolio to my goals in retirement?

  • What is the best strategy for taking social security?

  • How can I simplify my finances?

  • How can I maximize my employer benefits?

  • How can I reduce risk in my portfolio? 

  • Do I own investments that are unsuitable for me based on my family or individual situation?


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